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Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and International Business are the specializations provided here. We also have a digital... A degree in film will open many creative and technical doors for you. About 60% of the students got placements at the college. Admission (Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute), Department of Mathematics: One full time Project Fellow, Department of Civics & Politics: Application form- P.G. They did not provide placements. University of Mumbai & Department of Atomic Energy Centre Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences: Public Lecture on “How antibiotics illuminate ribosome function and vice versa”. However these institutions do not base admissions exclusively on academics what there is a bouquet of different things that a student must possess to get admission. The internship facility was not much available. Shiksha lists for you the top 10 colleges where you can sharpen your skills as an actor. ०७ ऑक्टोबर, २०१५ पासून पुढे विद्यापीठाने संकेतस्थळावर दि. To submit the revaluations forms of theory paper of the eligible students on or before 08th August, 2016, Ratnagiri Sub-Centre: Admission M.Sc. सर्व संलग्नित/ मान्यताप्राप्त महाविद्यालयांचे प्राचार्य/ संस्थांचे संचालक/ विद्यापीठ विभाग प्रमुखः दिनांक ३१ ऑक्टोबर, २०१६ रोजी सरदार पटेल यांची जयंती “राष्ट्रीय एकता दिवस” म्हणून साजरा करण्याबाबत. mark sheet along with the Examinatio...B.Tech applicants should have completed 10+2 with 60% marks in PCMB/PCB.Admission to B. (Sem V) (Credit Based व  Choice Based) या अभ्यासक्रमाच्या विषयांसाठी पुनर्मुल्यांकनासाठी अर्ज करणा-या विद्यार्थ्यांचे अर्ज सादर करण्याबाबत, One day workshops in the subject of Economics of T.Y.B.A. Sem.-VI CBSGS या परिक्षेचे अंतर्गत गुण विद्यापीठात सादर करण्याबाबतचे परिपत्रक, A special enquiry counter for addressing the queries of engineering students has been started, Arrangement of terms in the various faculties for the academic year 2014-15 under O.116, University of Mumbai organizes Short term training program on Effective Research Methodology for Ph.D. aspirants of Engineering & Technology, Dates of commencement of the Examinations for First Half 2014, T.Y.B.A. University has declared the this result within 15 days after the concluding the T.Y.B.Com Examination. To all the CAP Directors, appointed at the All the B.Com. The University of Mumbai is likely to postpone all its Undergraduate and Postgraduate examination, amid nationwide lockdown imposed in the country for the next 21 days. Which is the best college for master degree in filmmaking (editing) aaft or lpu or Mumbai University. It has up to date state of art labs and practical facilities helping the students to practice and become industry ready by the time they graduate. (Computer Science) Semester I & II of University Department of Computer Science, Adhisuchna & Nomination Form regrading Election to Management Council from Senate under section 30(4)(f),(g),(h),(i) of MPUA, 2016, अधिसभेच्या बैठकीतील निवडणुकीद्वारे व्यवस्थापन परिषदेवर निवडून द्यावयाच्या उमेदवारांची अंतिम यादी, Admission for Data Science Programme open to all graduates (Master’s and Micro degree Programmes with Data Science specialization), आपल्या विभागाशी संबंधित कोणत्या विषयांवर विविध वृत्तपत्रामध्ये बातम्या प्रसिद्ध झाल्या आहेत अथवा आपण विभागात काम करत असताना सहा महिन्याच्या कालावधीत कोणत्या मुद्यांवर विद्यार्थी / शिक्षक / कर्मचारी / नागरिक / विविध संघटना यांच्याकडून तक्रारी प्राप्त झाल्या आहेत याबाबत आढावा घेऊन थोडक्यात गोषवारा तयार करून उपकुलसचिव (जनसंपर्क विभाग) याना पाठवावा, Revised merit list ratnagiri sub-center 2018-19, प्रथम सत्र २०१८ मध्ये घेण्यात आलेल्या परीक्षांचे पुनर्मूल्यांकन व छायांकित प्रतिसाठीचे अर्ज २० दिवसांच्या आत सॉफ्ट कॉपी व हार्ड कॉपी स्वरूपात विहित शुल्कासह परीक्षा विभागातील पुनर्मूल्यांकन व छायांकित कक्ष येथे सादर करावेत, Seating Arrangement for LL.M. LPU is much better than any other University. However, college is a good place to study, learn and grow. Hence Amity University Mumbai is definitely a good option. (I.T)(Sem.V) (Old) (Non CBSGS- Prog no.-227) and B.Sc. Director for International Co-operation, ज्या परिक्षांचे अर्ज MKCL मार्फत Online घेण्यात आलेले आहेत त्यांचे Internal Practical Marks स्विकारण्याबाबतचे परिपत्रक, The T.Y.B.Sc. Circular regarding Plagiarism as per UGC Notification, Online Ph.D. मुंबई विद्यापीठाशी संलग्नित अनुदानित महाविद्यालयातील पात्र शिक्षकांना सहाव्या वेतन आयोगाच्या शिफारशीनुसार आश्वासित प्रगती योजने अंतर्गत लाभ देण्याकरीता विद्यापीठस्तरावर दिनांक ०५/११/२०१४ रोजी शिबीर घेण्याबाबत, To organize different activities on the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallbahbhai Patel on the 31st October, 2014 on the campus of our colleges/ institutions, The eligibility criteria for appointment of External Examiner, The practical in various subjects at T.Y.B.A./ B.Sc. Research Orientation -Hands on experience in problem solving pertaining to the function, quality, and effect of specific real life projects. (Sem.- I to VIII) (CBSGS) examinations of second half 2014, Click Here for Photocopy of All Engineering Examination First Half 2014 Candidates shall enter their 7 digit seat number. Mumbai University has released the merit list for UG admissions 2020. Sem VI (CBSGS) Advanced Economics Theory Paper Examination for candidates who have not appeared on 5/4/2014. Dates of commencement for the Examinations to Second Half 2012, Japan company conducting a Pre-placement seminar for IT and CS graduates of Science and Engineering, The proposals for Minor Research Grant are invited from the Permanent Teachers working in the University Departments /Affiliated Colleges and Institutions for the financial Year 2012-13. (Sem.-V) (CBSGS) (75:25) examination, MSC Part 1 Sem2 and Part 2 Sem 4 students click here for hall tickets, मे- २०१५ साठीच्या परिक्षांचे अर्ज स्विकारण्यासंबंधीचे परिपत्रक, Oct -2014 मध्ये T.Y.B.Com./ B.Sc./ B.Sc. (Sem V) (Choice Based) या अभ्यासक्रमाच्या व T.Y.B.Sc. There are around 3 to 4 lectures that are conducted in a year mostly on weekends. The campus is clean. Important Notification for Senate Election-2017, Dates of commencement of the Examinations for First Half 2018, विविध अभ्यासक्रमाच्या प्रवेश नावनोंदणी व पात्रता प्रमाणपत्र अर्जाची प्रक्रिया, कार्य पद्धती यांचे प्रशिक्षण समजावून देण्याबाबत सर्व संबंधित महाविद्यालयातील कार्यालयीन कर्मचा-यांची कार्यशाळा. Read more on Shiksha. आय. Go through the list of distance education courses that have received UGC’s approval for the academic session 2019-20. No 451 B.Sc. Mumbai University has told colleges to conduct backlog exams for first and second year students from the 2019-20 academic session by November 30. (SEM.V / VI) (CBSGS) (60/40 & 75/25 SCHEME) & M.COM. It is perfect for those who want to pursue a Masters degree without quitting their jobs. Since it is a distance learning institute, there is no placement opportunity. To all the Directors/ Heads of Institutions/ Principals of the Colleges, Board of Studies members of all biological sciences & concerns teachers: As per University Grant Commission Guidelines & University Circulars, issues time to time, have given specific instructions about total ban on dissections & use of animals in all the colleges, at all levels UG & PG. However these institutions do not base admissions exclusively on academics what there is a bouquet of different things that a student must possess to get admission. To help you in this I would recommend that you are approaching an agency that deals in sending students for post graduation abroad since they are normally aware of what is required by those institutions for getting admissions. (Sem.-I & II, VII & VIII) examinations conducted on First Half 2015 is available on from 23rd May 2015 and closed on 05thJune 2015, Applications for IMC- Pravinchandra V Gandhi Chair at JAMNALAL BAJAJ INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, The change in the time has been made in the T.E. Result of the Walk in Interview (Assistant Professor (Law) and Assistant Professor (Management)). Salient Features of this programme at LPU are - Skill Development - Rigorous exposure to pre-production, production and post-production stages of film and television production. The date of issuing and accepting the admission form for the M.Sc. Almost 70% of the students got involved from various fields in law, and, surprisingly, that how do people from commerce and science opt for the law. I.T. You have done your engineering graduation in data Science and hence computer Science is definitely or related subject. (Part-I & II) and M.A./ M.Sc. 2018-19, Admissions to MSc Computer Science Weekend Batch are open till 10th August 2018. Highlights of this programme at LPU are - 1) International Exposure Option - Student may be given an option to go for 4 weeks study tour to USA/ European countries or any other country as decided by the University subject to conditions. 77 News Articles found. Mumbai University says winter semester exams for traditional, professional courses to be held online Students appearing for traditional streams such as arts, science and commerce will get an hour to answer 50 multiple choice questions, while for professional course such as engineering, MSc and pharmacy, they will be required to write 80-mark theory papers More than 25 multiple choice questions will be asked in the upcoming exams. (Sem V) (Credit Based and choice based) या अभ्यासक्रमाच्या विषयांसाठी विद्यार्थ्यांच्या विनंती अर्ज प्रमाणे उत्तरपत्रिकांचे पुनर्मूल्यांकन करून प्राप्त गुणांच्या याद्या सादर कराव्यात, शैक्षणिक वर्षे २०१८-१९ करीता AISHE, MIS व Students on Roll बाबतचे प्रमाणपत्र/हमीपत्र घेणेबाबत, M.Sc.Time Table (through PG section, Fort) for Academic year 2018-19, आजी सैनिकांच्या मुलांना असलेली शैक्षणिक फी सवलत मिळण्याबाबत, आपल्या अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालयातील माहिती आजच शिक्षक नियुक्ती व मान्यता विभागाच्या ई-मेल आयडीवर पाठविण्याबाबत, अधिसभेच्या दिनांक २५ मार्च २०१९ रोजी होणा-या सभेसंदर्भात प्राप्त झालेल्या प्रश्नांबाबत, Circular regarding M.Phil. The University of Mumbai has issued a slew of guidelines in regard to the conduct of winter semester exams for all traditional and professional courses. IQAC Online form for University Departments, Extension of period for utilization of XII plan, CIRCULAR FOR ACCEPTANCE THE FORM FOR REVALUATION AND PHOTOCOPY AT THE EXAM. Circular Regarding Information to be filled in by the Research Centers and Research Guide (, Extension admission circular A. Y. Find out which are the best colleges offering photography courses in India. (Bank. (Sem.-V) (Rev) will be held on 14th Dec.,2011, ANNUAL CONVOCATION – 2010 / वार्षिक दीक्षांत समारंभ – २०१०, Shri. (Sem-V) (CBSGS) (60:40 & 75:25) examinations papers have been shifted, Arrangement of terms in the various faculties for the academic year 2015-16, Clarification regarding Repeater Exam for Internal Assessment.pdf, Revised timetable for T.Y.B.Com. … 30,000 per month, the lowest salary offered is Rs. Tech in Biotechnology through MHT-CET exam score with minimum of 60% in 12th. V) (75.25) on Monday dated 28/11/16 between 10.00 am and 11.30 am, परिक्षा शुल्क प्रतिपूर्वी बाबतचे परिपत्रक, आज दिनांक २५  नोव्हेंबर २०१६ रोजी ओशिवरा परीसरात आग लागल्यामुळे या परीसरातील परीक्षा केंद्रावर आजच्या दुपारच्या सत्रातील परीक्षेसाठी प्रविष्ठ न झालेल्या विद्यार्थ्यांच्या परिक्षेबाबत, Hall Ticket for M.Com./ Law students (college wise / students wise), Time Table of Post-Graduate Lectures for M.Sc.

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